Stuff You’ll Really Like

  1. You retain full legal ownership to all your digital files!  Everything. 100%. Yours.  This means we can’t upsell you on anything because you already own it and it will save a ton of money on reprints and gifts for friends and family.
  2. Bob’s your Uncle. And maybe he’s got a camera. We don’t mind your family & special friends photographing alongside us. We will artfully direct and reflect your day. We’ll have fun with you and your guests and even help them take some good pictures.
  3. A day or two after your wedding, we will send you a gift of a dozen or so photographs optimized for Facebook and easy sharing. This way you can update your friends almost instantly.
  4. We will create your own private online gallery.  Somewhere between 200 and 300 of your best pictures and then you can invite friends and family from all over the world to come see your photographs and even download free images should they wish.
  5. We have some wedding video options that will take the pain out of wedding videography prices.There’s more actually, but if this sounds interesting so far, let’s talk.

A good photograph – a really good photograph – will stop people in their tracks.