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Wedding videos are expensive!

In many cases even more expensive than photography. There is so much equipment involved and the editing can be extensive. Also videographers, good videographers are at a premium.

So we have put together some options for you that you won’t find anywhere else. Our intention is to be as creative with our prices and what we offer you as we are with our photographic arts.

Some wedding video options:

Full-blown professional video with experienced artful edit. (Approximately $2500-$2800 plus the photography for a total of approximately $5500) Your video team alone will involve two persons and three cameras and a ton of editing equipment. It will take several months to complete but when you get the videos, they will be gorgeous. We work closely with our video partners At Wise Cat Studios.

Professional video artistically done, with one five-minute edited overview of the day. You will also receive and maintain ownership to all your footage from the whole experience. (Approximate cost of video & edit $1200)

Raw video option. This option gives you all your professionally video, artfully done with care by a professional videographer, but without the editing. ($800. This includes ownership of all your digital video files. Everything is yours.) All your footage will come to you several days after the wedding. You will be able to enjoy your wedding with all the sights and sounds of your day. For sure your children will have some good embarrassing footage of you on your 25th wedding anniversary and if some day you or perhaps a friend or family member want to do some editing, you will own all your footage outright and can do as you please.

My personal philosophy video is… “Bad video is better than no video”. So to honour that concept in your wedding, if you find someone with a video camera and a steady hand, by all means have them join us and video alongside us as your professional photographer. (The cost on this one is absolutely free.) We will do everything we can to make sure your amateur videographer gets the best shots possible with our help.

We have just recently added another option and that combines the free video in #3 above with some of the editing skills of our professional videographers. It could be that you have some guests that have a Gopro or other video devices and you get them to do their best to cover the event. Then you gather the video and we will arrange for one of our videographer/editors to take that video and create/edit something

interesting to music. Our video editors charge between $35 and $50 per hour for the editing and will likely take seven or eight hours to create something you will find both memorable and enjoyable. (Final cost: someplace between $300 and $500)

We want to give you as many options as possible so that you can create for yourself an amazing wedding experience that is totally you. Note: The videos that are shown on this page would fall into the #2 category.

Please feel free to contact us to explore options for your day.